Oh, hey - I do have a Mastodon account! Take that Elon!

Earlier this month I found out the hard way that "what happens on Slack stays on Slack" is not true. Mastodon feels a bit more private since it is new, but I wonder how long it will be before screenshots of what is said here are broadcast out of here to people's friends and employers? Seems I am seeing people share some really incredible, deep stuff. But I wonder how long that will last?

Everything in here seems designed to make you feel better about your social media activity. Big mammal vs. small bird. "Toot" your own horn vs. a quiet squeak in the big stream. Gold stars for a job well done vs. emotionally confusing hearts. Boost a toot vs. re-squeaking.

Well the good news is that I have already experienced more interaction on Mastodon is one than in the year+ that I have been on Ello :) Has anyone tried to install Mastodon on their own server? Any tips for a LAMP dude looking at all this new hippie Docker stuff? :)

I'm still mad and bitter that Jaiku is dead, and yet here I am jumping on the next, next thing after Twitter :) Obviously, my allegiances are malleable. Or what was the next thing after Twitter? Instagram? Then Slack? So the next, next, next thing after Twitter. Obviously, having 500 characters was not a good idea with me and my tendency to ramble on. Ramble on.... And now's the time, the time is now...


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