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I’ve rolled three natural 1s in this encounter. After the most recent one, I jokingly rage quit from the Discord call. Apparently, I rolled another natural 1 for that.

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“And now it’s Uller’s turn.”
“Oh, right I’m playing Uller!”

For example, if I have an app that shows blog posts, and I want to look at a list of all blog posts, I should only fetch the things I need (title, date posted, number of comments, for example) as a dictionary result type, and never as an array of Post managed objects.

The more I work with Core Data, the more I think I should never be just fetching objects directly; that, instead, I want to be fetching only the data I need and only in the structure I need.

Big things are happening in the new office! 👀

I've seen the UPS truck on my street so many times on the "Follow My Delivery" page, and yet I don't have a new Apple Watch on my wrist yet.

Watched the documentary of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I know we rag on some of the visual effects in that film, and I know that the film was released in 1999, but seeing Macs running Mac OS 8 or 9 kinda makes it sink in and gives me a new appreciation of those visual effects.

“Mammoth, get out of his butt. Wait, I got this. Oh, no. Well, I guess you’re stuck in there now!”

If I have a 42mm Series 0 watch, do I get a 40mm or a 44mm Series 4?

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And, yes, I know I’ve probably got some things wrong. Don’t really care, cause I was just wanting to try to get this down before I forgot it.

For some reason, I decided to write some sheet music tonight, something I’ve not done in a long time.

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