Happy New Year from New Mexico! 2021 CE begins. AM 5781, AH 1442, JD 2459215 & Unix time 1609484400 continue, all in Earth’s reference frame

9 mm EP photo: 1250 mm scope FL, 254 mm ap, 139x, 0.38 deg TFOV. Diff spikes + refl! Jupiter center, Saturn LL. Line through Jupiter, L to R, are HIP 99314, Europa, Io & Callisto. Closest Saturn is Titan. On line Titan to Callisto is HIP 99385. Photo: 2020-12-22 00:44 UTC. (NM).

Today was my last as a postdoc: on Monday, I will be a staff scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. To everyone who helped, thank you!

November 20th marks Transgender Day of Remembrance — honoring the lives of trans people lost. This year of all years, end violence

Grant David Meadors, PhD (he/him): I’m a gay astrophysicist, LIGO, space weather, now ICF, married to an epidemiologist. Happy

“The Stars Belong to Everyone: Gender Diversity in Astronomy” - proud to be a part of RASC 2SLGBTQ+ Astro interviews youtube.com/watch?v=eqLYVGHxcH

The people have decided. Joe Biden will be President & Kamala Harris the Vice President (first in many ways). Proud I voted to make history!

Remember: this time, the red mirage, was always going to be scary. Don’t declare a winner till all votes are counted. We need to hang tight.

Today’s International Pronouns Day (3rd Wed of Oct): I am Grant David Meadors, and you can call me Grant, or using my pronouns — he/him/his.

Today is the last day of the census: 2020census.gov — have you filled it out? Be properly represented! (+ help future genealogists)

Voted early last Tuesday, put up Biden-Harris signs in lawn today: the bare minimum of my civic responsibility, accomplished — 3 weeks left

Thank you, RBG. She gave a Court a conscience & my family our marriage. Be it 5781 or 2020, vote to honor her legacy. I am stunned for words

“Global scale social distancing efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 are effective although they need to be strengthened in many regions” (our analysis published in PLoS One) dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pon

Comet NEOWISE on 02020-07-12, 130 mm aperture, 650 mm focal length, 9 mm Kellner eyepiece, smartphone camera

This hash value corresponds to a handwritten identity statement written previously, with the purpose of anchoring digital and analog selves.


‪To timestamp my existence, a SHA-512 hash of no-newline ASCII input follows for a PGP-signed attestation in my journal, volume 66 page 193.

While yesterday’s Supreme Court verdict against discrimination was a step toward justice, I’m still wary. Many issues of basic decency await

Today’s launch fills me with joy. Now, Earth: to live the future, we must soar above injustice.

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