"Socializing the land, not the suspect technological wizardry promised by ecomodernism, is the key to solving our problems." the-trouble.com/content/2019/4

"As the internet moved toward homogeneity and passivity, once-vibrant art communities became casualties in social media’s rapid, obliterative rise." artsy.net/article/artsy-editor

"What might the work we do in our classes look like if educating for community were our primary goal? What might our research look like if we really valued connection over and above personal accomplishment? Among other things, we might find that our work, and the work of our students, becomes more collaborative, more open and more publicly engaged." insidehighered.com/news/2019/0

youtu.be/DibRVrQhSpA .. ‘Are we in hell?’ everyone was asking. Not hell, but some fluorescent room with eternally out-of-date magazines where they waited to enter the memory of history.

"We are the image. We are the viewer and the viewed. ... in the absence of a clear understanding that we are now the only source, these images cannot help but return to the expression of magic and fear proper to idolatrous societies. This in turn facilitates the use of the electronic image as propaganda by whoever can control some part of it."

John Ralston Saul ~ Voltaire’s Bastards

'is anyone clear on what problem the Apple T2 security chip even solves?' cdm.link/2019/02/apple-2018-gl

"How can we move from data to Dada and become a twenty-first-century avant-garde, one that truly understands the technological imperative and shows that *we are the social in social media* ?" e-flux.com/journal/83/141287/o

"In this course, students will learn fundamental machine learning techniques that can be used to make sense of human gesture, musical audio, and other real-time data." kadenze.com/courses/machine-le

"humans are inherently social creatures, achieving greatest success & fulfillment when working together .. Rushkoff describes how major underpinnings of society, such as wealth, education & technology, are actually further isolating people." commonwealthclub.org/events/ar

"What really comes between you and the world, makes everything so blurred and hard to understand, are your own weaknesses, your own pre-existing biases and fears ... If your mind is all over the place and you have a hard time focusing it for any length of time, you will never be able to go deep into any question. Meditation helps me to focus my mind. It helps me to get to know my weaknesses and biases." nautil.us/issue/67/reboot/yuva

"When I look back at my writing over the years, the pieces that continue to pop up in conversation and be remembered are the longer pieces I've written on my own domain." cbc.ca/radio/spark/move-over-f

"McLuhan was pointing to a special kind of death, a state in which something is everywhere but is no longer psychologically consequential." medium.com/rally-point-perspec HT: @sleslie

"You only have real knowledge if you can both predict & explain things. If you cannot, especially if your existing toolkit has dramatically failed, then you need to pipe down & find better tools." medium.com/@allenfarrington/di

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