Lorge Wet Sponge > Smol Wet Sponge >>> Dry Sponge

Today I discovered that people are Bad and also that screens can travel through several computers

wow all three of my food cravings are being fulfilled today 😍


- Length 🙅 ⛔ ❌ 👹
- Content 🤮

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- Length ✅
- Content 🙅 ⛔ ❌ 👹

definitely not directed to any Certain Person : ) 

some people need to be banned from elephant twitter smh i think my eyes need a deep cleansing

to my one friend on Elephant Twitter: yes. i am judging 🙂

Wow I just realized I quoted Albus Dumbledore in my essay without being aware of it

wow major freakout time now because cutting words is something i am clearly incapable of!!!!

today has been a Good Day

now... onto College Apps : D

tell me why i have completely given up on school

I can't remember the last time i showered at a normal time

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