lmao these online class calls be so amusing

Sometimes I feel like I have absolutely no one to talk to

Thanks universe

Being sick sucks. People also kind of suck I guess.

with the aid of Productivity and Two Amazing Friends, I have finally finished my college grind...

For now : D

If I die today at least I'll die being productive

someone tell me why my previously Non-existent Cornell Essay has suddenly turned into ~1000 words

this may be a problem

today will be a painful day, but hopefully I can find the one I used to love most: P-Productivity? 🥺

i really fucking want some goldfish right now

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I remember when teachers and parents were like "don't spend too much time chatting online!" and I was like wow I don't think I've ever had this problem anyway


The world gifted me the bestest of friends~

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why can't brain-computer interaction (aka telepathy) existt

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hey uh weather

y'know those favors I asked before

I got another one for you

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