burned a year of seasoning off my carbon steel pan and got the fire department called on my entire building, hell yeah

changing the strings in my strat so that my kid can use it, lol at this winding job i did on the D string whenever i did this last

we keep diapers and wipes and aquaphor on the inside of the entry closet door, which has had a commercial dehumidifier running in it for a few days

turns out aquaphor liquifies well below 120F, which i’m sure people who drive a lot know very well, but i learned only just now

november 17, 2019 was the day we finally made it over to Raymond’s Pizzeria over in Richmond, it is most excellent

soaking my stones so that i can sharpen my blade iykwim

alvin and the chipmunks singing “christmas time is near”

view from one of the new to us playgrounds up the hill from the new apartment

also could not allow these important cables to fall into enemy (landlord) hands

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went back to the old place for the old signs i used to have taped in the window pointing at the mission linea coffee place

goodnight moon
goodnight doorbell with an off switch
goodnight radiator that scorched the paint
goodnight seismic retrofit cracks in the wall
goodnight tiny shower stall

packing the bookshelf for the move and uncovered the projector stand i made out two poor translations of classics i’ve replaced with better translations

strong endorse taking power tools to bad books!

never surrender, i wrote in for the pre-ratfucked bernie, california ballot

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