100% of U.S. presidential candidate debates should be done on purpose-built recreations of You Can't Do That on Television sets and moderated exclusively by Les Lye personas Barth, Ross, Mr. Shidler, and The Executioner.

This feels a little like an empty gesture seeing as I’ve gotta keep a google account to use docs, the only google service I actually use (h/t @FastMail@twitter.com), but it is possible to mash that delete button folks: wikihow.com/Delete-a-YouTube-A

Neato! Local realtor hell-site says that area shitlord, Owen Van Natta, who squatted this cool derelict building down the street for me for a few years and turned a profit, is selling his mansion. socketsite.com/archives/2019/0

What the hell is this mushroom doing in my house plant pot? I have never grown mushrooms. Is it gonna hurt the plant? (The succulent next to it fell from a pot that used to hang over this one.)

If it wasn’t for zoning, this children’s play tower and slide could be ten or eleven stories y’all.

Initial thought, cute but weird. Second thought, better ask the building group chat if anybody noticed a unit might be on Air-b-n-fuckin-b.

I biked past someone as they noticed my PIZZA shirt and they said “That should say NASA, not PIZZA.” Pal, you are so, so wrong.

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