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[six feet from the parking lot where we set up our blanket] we should go to ocean beach more often!

(also, saturn and jupiter are up there to the north’s south at night, venus in the east in the morning, mars… e somewhere… enjoy!)

wow it looks like I can’t filter on raw message content in, so I can’t just nuke every email the democrats make a new list for, even though they all have these boomer bait buttons

Well, I’d like to see ol’ Joey Biden wiggle his way out of THIS jam!

alright apparently we didn’t make the pig experian servers unavailable, I just had to use my middle name

what’s good, fellow peers (i.e. small business owner, landlord or a family member) of the digital realm, and others (i.e. prospective client, tenant or customer)

comrades! we’re successfully made the pig experian servers unavailable!

google’s new blur feature (which is so so nice to have) keeps wanting my kid’s Falcor stuffed animal (tyvm to be in sharp focus, creepin’ on the call with me. owns.

since when do puzzles accept upside down pieces? it is too early to confront this face

[anyone posts cabling photos]

now check out what the lowest priced bid looks like! some of these didn’t work and the paper on the wall wasn’t useful so we had to tone every run on the floor to number it all

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