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Despite postponing the in-person sprint due to COVID-19, we still got a lot done. Read about it and check out some prototype screenshots on the blog.

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Hooray, Tutanota turned six today! 😀🎉 Check out how we improved your encrypted email client in the last years.

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48 hours left to get exclusive swag and help us improve privacy and security in elementary OS and AppCenter—plus help us bring AppCenter to everyone.

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Tusky X (10) has been released!

We now provide:
Scheduled toots
Audio attachments are supported

New translations:
Icelandic 🇮🇸
Slovakian 🇸🇰

Full release notes here:

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Whether you're pro or contra Brexit, losing out on the European GDPR is definitely a bad thing for all UK Gmail users. Better switch to Tutanota now. 😉

Getting ready for this mornings . It's going to be wet and wild!

Top to bottom:

Pre: Tribe Hydrate
During: Tailwind Nutrition
Post: Tribe Protein Bar

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Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-02-14
Somewhat quiet week on the Apple Admin side. I think 10.15.3 is now the point where many MacAdmins are busy rolling out Catalina, or at least seriously preparing for it.

If you believe I missed something, let me know!

If you would rather get the weekly newsletter by email, you can subscribe to the Scripting OS X Weekly Newsletter here!! (Same content, delivered to

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Started tapering this week ready for the half marathon at the weekend, so no weights. Just core strength training.

I've put up my Race Report from Cors Caron 10km. The first race of 2020.

Take a look:

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As I just got an email reminding me I support @Tusky, I'm using this opportunity to tell everyone who uses it to chip in as well :-)

Because we need another blog on the internet. I'll be keeping track of my and journey - so follow along and talk to me.

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