I know it's unpopular to admit this, but macOS is a great #Linux #distro.


@slightlyflightyone @dibi58 Linux is not BSD they have the same folder structure, but the kernel, file system, Shell and system tools are totally different

@graywolf9 @dibi58 You’re confusing GNU and BSD.

macOS is BSD/Linux, not GNU/Linux.

@slightlyflightyone @dibi58 Unix (written from zero by D.R. and K.T. with ANSI C) - > BSD - > NextSTEP (added with Objective-C) - > Darwin (Apple test) - > OSX

GNU make their own versión of NextSTEP - > GnuSTEP, that make possible run GNU tools in Darwin base systems

Minix (written from zero by Linus Torvalds with C) - > Linux kernel

GNU HURD (written from zero by Richard Stallman with C) - > HURD lost developers then thanks to Maddog initiative Stallman make the the GNU tools come to Linux

@slightlyflightyone @dibi58 Currently the difference is almost notting but isn't the same

Debian has thinking on it and had a versión of each sistem, there are:

Debian GNU Linux
Debian HURD
Debian GNU k/FreeBSD (the GNU is for doing the kernel doing things like we do in Linux)

Also you can check Hyperbola, today they're lefting Linux for OpenBSD kernel it can helps you

@graywolf9 @dibi58 nope. You're misunderstanding.

You're confused over what HURD/Linux is and OpenBSD is a BSD/Linux distro.

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