struggling to think of a gender-neutral equivalent for aunt/uncle, ideas?

F. discouraged me from packing my Alberta Advantage t-shirt for our trip to Montréal over St. Jean weekend. She’s probably right.

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"I think he said we own THAT one!"

#DnDArt #ttrpgArt #DnD5e #Dnd #5e #Spelljammer #FlyingShip #FantasyArt #FantasyArtist
More work towards ongoing #ttrpg projects. Here a group of #adventurers seem to to have been gifted the documents that prove the own a #ship, only they might have got a little more than they bargained for.

I don't paint enough flying ships...

(This is the image in my intro toot, & so was a chance to address the lack of alt text for that image too.)

Local councillor complains that “[Halifax Mutual Aid’s] efforts are as much a political project as they are a housing project.” No shit, housing is a political issue! It’s just too bad no elected officials feel it’s in their mandate to solve the housing crisis!

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For the afternoon / evening / tomorrow morning crowd:
“A Model for WordPress Accessibility”
A set of ideas based on my experience and lessons learned from Gutenberg.

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