Just been out to pick some herbs to cook with tonight’s supper. The rosemary smells beautiful. 😊

Happy Sunday everybody. 😊 It’s funny how much bark mulch is needed even for a small area!

Here in the UK we get an extra bank holiday this year, to mark the 70th year of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. I have been getting this hanging basket ready to put at the front of our house for the Jubilee bank holiday next month; it has red petunias and blue and white lobelia, which I hope will be flowering at the right time.

Just over a year ago, I bought an , which is full of seedlings at the moment. And young tomato plants. A tub of potatoes is growing next to it, and my pots of herbs are in front. I grow aromatic herbs like lavender, mint, chives and rosemary, because they help deter pests from trying to get into the growhouse to eat my seedlings. 😊


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