As a niche academic, I've never related more to a princess ever in my life. Thanks .

(cringe) This is what I'd call technologically illiterate journalism. It's not quite as bad as complaining about the name of the project (insert crying baby gif), but it's not far elevated above that level.

He mentions that the system is distributed, but obviously hasn't grokked what that actually means.

Servers have user accounts. I know, shocking, isn't it? Same applies for email, xmpp, forums and just about any other service located on a server. They're not all magically synchronized by some universally agreed protocol. Nor would it be reasonable for them to be.

If you want a pre-internet analogy, there could be Bob living in Manchester and Bob living in Glasgow, and they might be different Bobs!

Scandalized? I thought you would be.

Still haven't figured out the federation problem. More work tomorrow on it. Its just really disappointing to find an awesome project and not be able to figure out what went wrong...

Is there a way to remove a PubSubHubbub subscription? I think there is a bad server on the list affecting my instance getting toots from .social. On the list of subscriptions, .social is the only instance below one that hasn't synced for two days.

Unfollowed and refollowed all the accounts I was not seeing on my instance from and still not receiving their toots.


I am no longer getting messages from this instance on my instance. The other ones I follow appear to still be showing up. Is there a reason my server would have forgotten about this one?

If you are on and I don't see your post from my instance, I am not ignoring you, the messages aren't making it to my server from

If you want, I have set up my own instance and you can follow me at while I finish configuring the server.

It seems like new posts from people I follow show up on the timeline. I may need to configure what sites show up on the federated timeline. Just need to find where I do that.

I take that back. Federation isn't working. I don't have a federated timeline

looks like I should be good to go once my mx and txt records propogate.

Now I have mastodon running but my outgoing mail isn't working. Nextcloud on the same server sends email just fine. Almost there!

I am at a loss, I have gone over the production notes several times, verified libraries and did a git pull to update to latest and I still get nothing but the fail mastodon screen. Makes me sad.

well, I have found that when I try to wget from puma on port 3000, nginx is processing the request. Nginx isn't setup to listen on that port.

So, I have the permission issues taken care of (need to make some selinux changes permanent) for my own instance. I am still getting the fail mastodon and am at a loss because everything appears to be correctly configured and I see nothing in the log files I can find.

I am trying to set up my own instance but am running into some trouble. If anyone has a working instance (without using docker) and would be willing to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. isn't blocked in China! No VPN needed- sweeeeeeet:dancers:

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