I had to bump up my phone’s system font size up a notch yesterday.

Is this what aging feels like?

One of the most criminal acts of modern filmmaking:

Cutting the best song from Rent (“Goodbye Love”). They ostensibly cut it because it was “too dark”.

It’s a fucking show about people dealing with and dying of AIDS. Of course it’s gonna be dark.

Mac users: testing a hypothesis:

- Where do you keep your dock?
- Were you previously a heavy Windows user?

Hearing Pearl Jam and Nirvana on classic rock radio will never not make me feel old.

Toot beta expires in ten days. In case it isn’t renewed, what are the best Mastodon iOS apps these days?

Whew. In the airport, past security, at my gate.

I’m not a particularly anxious flyer — I know that the Uber on the way to the airport is far more dangerous than the flight itself — but I *am* an anxious traveler.

Once I’m in the airport, I’m mostly fine, but in the hours leading up to that — hoo, boy.

I just realized that, although I saw it in the theater, I could not tell you the plot of Avatar.

I didn't vote, but I did get my flu shot.

I think that was a more productive use of my time.

I haven’t been spending much time on Mastodon recently, so I’m a bit out of the loop — what’s the status of apps? I’m using the beta of Toot, but are there any good new players? What about Mac apps — are there any yet?

I don’t need lectures about the “tone” I’m communicating in. Thanks, though.

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Someone recommended a feature.

Me: What’s a use case of that feature?

(I was genuinely curious.)

Was told off for being too confrontational.

“You need to be aware that that’s not the tone you’re communicating.”

Fuck it. Maybe I’m part of the problem.

But If this is the solution, good fucking luck.

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The CW thing is annoying.

I’ve also been lectured to about a simple tech question:

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