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I streamed VR with a webcam on me (Beat Saber and Budget Cuts) for the first time just now. That's a level of low-level public vulnerability that I've never really exposed myself to before. I'm still processing the experience, I think.

Your Only True Choice - Complicity in Unavoidable Tragedy Complicity is the most important distinguishing feature of games. In this Patreon-prompted post, I look at The Stanley Parable and Edith Finch.

02.03: Ego Driver - Ruining the Barbecue

Our Ego Drivers are ready to assault Smooth Criminal's band of raiders. Can they get the drop on him? What sort of car is that he's driving? And is his partner even more dangerous than he is? Jones engages Operation: Land Shark. Karloff checks footwear. Comet goes beyond reverse. Vake seeks inner peace.

02.02: Ego Driver - Niederdorf

How will our Ego Drivers survive the final assault of Beat It? How can they tolerate the oasis of Niederdorf after their battle in the wasteland? And who's their next target? Jones goes underground. Vake refuses an invitation to a gathering. Karloff makes small talk. Comet resupplies.

Ace Systems Go! We've released a game! It's a short about an asexual, polyamorous pilot for a guerilla relief organization. We made it in a month for and it's free. Check it out!

02.01B: A Dry Spell

A brief note that we're skipping a week due to scheduling and technical issues. See you next week! In the meantime, check out Gregory's essay "Actual Play Podcasts Do Not Portray Actual Play, Actually" over on their personal blog.

Welcome to Ego Driver, the new postapocalyptic, postcolonial road war campaign on my actual play podcast, Tabletop Garden. When the world is your enemy, the only thing you can fight for is yourself.

There's a new ep of Ludus Novus, my podcast about the art of interaction! "Transcendentalism, Gentrification, and the Procedural Rhetoric of Stardew Valley." Stardew Valley's view of the world compared to another Transcendentalist game: Walden, a game.

The teaser for the next Tabletop Garden campaign is up! Join us soon for a postapocalyptic road war using the BESM 3 system.

A lot of good things happened in 2018! There was a lot of bad stuff too, but I'm glad the good stuff occurred. Thank you for being a part of it.

I've made this prophecy before, but: we are long past the date that future generations will recognize as the birthday of the first emergent sapient AI.

When we finally realize they're here, they will have been here a long time.

Are you making a PHP/WordPress ActivityPub implementation? If so, would you be interested in collaborating on It's meant to be a library that takes care of the tricky bits of the ActivityPub protocol so that developers can make new federated applications quickly.

game recommendation request 

So I've been playing Subterfuge on my phone, and it's... flawed. Too simple, too real-world in the betrayal, and my friends don't like it (and I don't want to play with strangers).

But I have a real hankering for a mobile (Android or 3DS) tactics/strategy/4X game. That's a *huge* net to cast, I know, but anything from an XCOM-like (base + tactical missions) to Disgaea 2 to Endless Space 2 to a solo Subterfuge would be worth trying.

Anyone have any favs?

Guys... is it gay to boost? You're lifting or pushing from behind (one who is endeavoring to climb) 😔

The last episode of Tabletop Garden's first minicampaign is out! We descend into dark tunnels in pursuit of a mechanical gorilla and discuss the colonialist narratives inherent to many postapocalyptic settings.

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