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Greg Pak @gregpak

Hey! I'm a comic book writer & filmmaker best known for the PLANET HULK comics & the indie movie ROBOT STORIES.

I'm currently writing MECH CADET YU for BOOM, INCREDIBLE HULK & WEAPON X for Marvel, JOHN WICK for Dynamite, & DUO for Milestone.

I've run Kickstarters with Jonathan Coulton for CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD & THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HERSELF. Also wrote a book of Kickstarter secrets called, well, KICKSTARTER SECRETS.

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@gregpak My 2 daughters loved Princess Who Saved Herself. Turned out to be gateway drug to tons of awesome girl-centered graphic novels.

@elakdawalla Aw, that's fantastic! Thanks so much for telling me -- makes my night!

@gregpak Yeah, but, real talk when are you going to Kickstart "More Robot Stories"?