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Greg Pak @gregpak

You guys, Alaska is really, really big. I mean, click on this and tell me it ain't three times bigger than you thought it was.

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@gregpak I just heard that it's big enough to be the home of over half of the Blockbuster video stores in the US! (Granted, there's only 10 left in total, but still...)

@knightly @gregpak Oh cool, TIL Alaska is ~20% the size of the lower 48.

@gregpak Alaska is huge, but not quite as big as it seems here, because of the way that map is drawn (mercator projection). The further north things are, the larger they appear

@gregpak Not to say that Alaska isn't big though, it's really really big

Looks like a Mercator projection to me, those maps exaggerate the area of land near the poles.

Check out instead, it overlays both territories with an Albers Equal Area Conical Projection from the centroid, providing a much more direct comparison.

@gregpak I lived there and sometimes have nightmares about going back. It’s so *remote*