RT @ryusei Cool! I'd been meaning to check Mech Cadet Yu out. Also, cliche as it sounds, any advice to aspiring artists or writers trying to break into the industry?

I wrote a book with Fred Van Lente called "Make Comics Like the Pros" that contains most of my best thoughts about how to make comics and break in. Check it out! It's good! ;-) amazon.com/Make-Comics-Like-Pr


.@ryusei But in a nutshell, my simple advice is to make comics, by hook or by crook... and in the beginning, to do lots of SHORT comics that you can actually finish. Actually finishing a few four or six page stories is gonna teach you a HUGE amount. Yeah, we all wanna make our epics. But do a bunch of short stuff first. Build skills, build audience, bit by bit.

@gregpak @ryusei 1000 thumbs-up to this. I tell everyone to put their big story on hold for a few years.

More reasons why:
* You’re gonna get better. Don’t shackle your later good stuff to your early amateur output.

* Collaborating? You don’t know how reliable your partner will be.

* It helps to be seen as prolific. Publishers see 4 six-page stories as 4 things. They see one 24 page story as one thing.

.@gregpak @ryusei echoing that. You do a short well, you will get a lot more attention. I did a four page short for Valiant that included action AND character development that got me more gigs. I don't know if I can ever pull that off again - it's ninja level Tetris.

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