I made some fan art! Here’s a Hello Peril logo, for Randall Park’s band in ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE.

Realized I never posted this here! Meet WAVE, the new Marvel Filipina superheroine co-created by me and Leinil Yu for WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1, coming in May! Hugely excited about this character and the whole series, which features a pan-Asian group of superheroes taking on a fire goddess during Marvel’s huge WAR OF THE REALMS event! Ask your local comic shop to pre-order the book for you today!

Big announcement -- artist Gang-Hyuk Lim and I are teaming Marvel's greatest Asian American superheroes up with Marvel's awesome new Asian characters in a titanic fight against the Queen of Cinders in WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1! Cover by Billy Tan! marvel.com/articles/comics/thi

Please vote like hell this Tuesday.

Visit vote.org for info.

Hey hey! The Princess Who Saved Her Friends Kickstarter ends in just two hours! Please do check it out before it's too late! kickstarter.com/projects/gregp

Gorgeous new art from THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS! Last 40 hours in the Kickstarter -- please do back it tonight if you can! kickstarter.com/projects/gregp

Last three days for the PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS Kickstarter! Please do check it out and pledge today! It's gonna be awesome! kickstarter.com/projects/gregp

So the PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS Kickstarter is painfully close to the 70K stretch goal -- please feel free to check it out and make with the backing! kickstarter.com/projects/gregp

Look at these gorgeous new inks from Tak Miyazawa for THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS! And then pls feel free to back the Kickstarter! kickstarter.com/projects/gregp

Hey, hey! We hit our Kickstarter goal for THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS! And now we've announced some awesome stretch goals! Please do check it out! kickstarter.com/projects/gregp

Look at this gorgeous art from THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS by Tak Miyazawa and Jessica Kholinne. LOOK AT IT. Then back the book at kickstarter.com/projects/gregp

Very proud of WEAPON H #7. Gorgeous art from Ario Anindito and Morry Hollowell with letters from Joe Caramagna. We dig DEEP into Clay's heart and soul -- and personal tragedy -- as he meets one of his greatest inspirations, Captain America. Lotta heart in this one.

In stores this coming Wednesday, September 12!

When the food is so good you're already pre-sad at the thought of it being all eaten.

One of Schulz’s “Li’l Folks” comics at the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo. Love seeing the corrections. Nothing is perfect, y’all. Greatness comes through a million mistakes and adjustments.

Highly, highly recommend the BORO exhibition of clothes at the Amuse Museum in Tokyo. Incredible collection of patched and restitched clothing of farmers of the far north of Japan. amusemuseum.com/english/boro/i

Did I mention I'm writing the new FIREFLY series? I'm writing the new FIREFLY series! Interior art by Dan McDaid! ew.com/books/2018/07/02/new-fi

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