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You guys, Alaska is really, really big. I mean, click on this and tell me it ain't three times bigger than you thought it was.

Marvel interviewed me about the new NUKE storyline in WEAPON X, drawn by the great Yildiray Cinar. Check it out!

Hey! I'm a comic book writer & filmmaker best known for the PLANET HULK comics & the indie movie ROBOT STORIES.

I'm currently writing MECH CADET YU for BOOM, INCREDIBLE HULK & WEAPON X for Marvel, JOHN WICK for Dynamite, & DUO for Milestone.

I've run Kickstarters with Jonathan Coulton for CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD & THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HERSELF. Also wrote a book of Kickstarter secrets called, well, KICKSTARTER SECRETS.

Little MECH CADET YU tease, first time show right here at Mastodon.

Here's Skip Tanaka from MECH CADET YU #5, coming next month. Art by Tak Miyazawa.

Awesome Yildiray Cinar page from an upcoming issue of WEAPON X. Remember Nuke? Well, now we got NUKES.

Also, too, INCREDIBLE HULK #710 hits stores on Wednesday. If you dug PLANET HULK, you're gonna love this. Preview here:


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