Hey, hey! We hit our Kickstarter goal for THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS! And now we've announced some awesome stretch goals! Please do check it out! kickstarter.com/projects/gregp

Look at this gorgeous art from THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS by Tak Miyazawa and Jessica Kholinne. LOOK AT IT. Then back the book at kickstarter.com/projects/gregp

BIG NEWS! Jonathan Coulton and I just launched the Kickstarter for a children's book called THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS! Please do check it out and spread the word! kickstarter.com/projects/gregp

I'm going to have a huge announcement tomorrow at noon ET. Please do help me spread the word when the time comes. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Very proud of WEAPON H #7. Gorgeous art from Ario Anindito and Morry Hollowell with letters from Joe Caramagna. We dig DEEP into Clay's heart and soul -- and personal tragedy -- as he meets one of his greatest inspirations, Captain America. Lotta heart in this one.

In stores this coming Wednesday, September 12!

Your semi-regular reminder to register to vote and to vote in November like you're saving your life and the life of everyone you love. vote.org

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millennials are killing capitalism by not being paid enough in wages to sustain a consumer-driven economy

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How did "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" become the typical sentence that contains all letters of the alphabet and not "sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow" which is objectively a million times cooler

When the food is so good you're already pre-sad at the thought of it being all eaten.

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Hi all, I write & draw You Were Always By Me on #linewebtoons. It's a #queer romantic drama about a woman who falls in love with a woman. webtoons.com/en/challenge/you-

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Petrichor, that fresh aroma you can smell after the rain, is caused by a little molecule called geosmin. The name literally means "earth smell." It's produced by soil bacteria and gives an earthy flavour to beets.

Humans are extremely sensitive to this scent – much, much more sensitive than sharks are to blood. Some think we evolved that way to find fresh drinking water after droughts.

Great way to keep myself from eating all the ice cream in the freezer:

Only buy strawberry ice cream.

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And after I had to buy a new warm thing at REI for the colder weather, and just saying, if you're a small woman, never ever buy jackets at REI woman's section. I had the pick of the litter from the kid's section and they're all 30-50 bucks cheaper, and just as well made. Wanted to grab some cheap kid's shoes as well for river crossing but bf was too embarrassed about the kid's patterns, lol.

Also the inside of my jacket has a space for me to write my teacher's name/ homeroom number on it, haha

imagining a straight up admiral entering the admirals' club. everyone looks up in confusion as the staff all stands and salutes. the admiral nods, murmurs "as you were" and walks to a special EVEN MORE EXCLUSIVE room WITHIN the admirals' club. staff members close the door behind him.

do any actual admirals visit the admirals' club

It's my birthday! Wanna help me celebrate? Please register to vote, right now, and vote like hell in November. And please share this, if you're so inclined! vote.org

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Please consider this: you have choices all day long about how you treat people. Every interaction can be kind, or it can be cruel, and the choice you make will have an effect on people you’ll never meet. Make a choice that you’ll feel good about.

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