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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm a writer on deadline and thus may seem distracted and distant
But I still love you

I'm also part of the WHERE WE LIVE anthology that @Inkskratch is tooting about. Hope you'll grab it when it comes out.

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I was fortunate enough to be able to work on a moving story by @van_jensen for an upcoming anthology, Where We Live, curated by @JHWilliamsIII. I hope you'll consider giving their Twitter account a follow(if you're on twitter!) and picking up the book when it comes out.

Update: Two of those pitches have been APPROVED. The third is UNDER SERIOUS CONSIDERATION. The fourth is TOTALLY UP IN THE AIR. Not bad!

that discomfited feeling when the ground turkey which is far from its expiration date nonetheless smells a little... strong

How I Write a Comic Book Script! Everyone develops their own system. But this is what works for me after 14 years in the business. Enjoy!

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I've done portfolio crits for many PNW artists at cons over the past few years. Want a follow-up review? Come to 2/10-11, & as time permits, I'll be happy to give you some more feedback.


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@angrygirLcomics Yeah, I was also making kal guk suh at a certain point. And ramen! Best wishes for a fast recovery!

@angrygirLcomics Oh no! Sending good vibes! When I had a root canal a while back, I ate a LOT of jook/congee.

@davidk01 I could be wrong, but my impression is that Twitter lets bots flourish because they like the engagement numbers bots provide. Mastodon moderators don't have that incentive and are more likely to delete bots.

That NYT article about the Twitter bots makes me hope even harder for Mastodon to succeed.

@stevelieber Found a stack of homemade postcards I'd made by copying a design onto 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock and cutting into fours. That I'd MAIL to people on my MAILING LIST. Before the term "snail mail" even existed.

Turned in four pitches today. Living that Charles Schulz mantra of "always have something in the mail working for you." Gonna be an exciting 2018.

I made a Master List of Places to Preorder Comics Online! Check it out and spread it around and make with the easy preordering, friends!

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