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One of Schulz’s “Li’l Folks” comics at the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo. Love seeing the corrections. Nothing is perfect, y’all. Greatness comes through a million mistakes and adjustments.

Highly, highly recommend the BORO exhibition of clothes at the Amuse Museum in Tokyo. Incredible collection of patched and restitched clothing of farmers of the far north of Japan.

I'm dropping the price of the $20 ABC DISGUSTING children's book to JUST SEVEN BUCKS for the next couple of days! And I'm donating that purchase price to RAICES and the Texas Civil Rights Project! Please do check it out and share!

.@caraellison ...and we all grew together. It's great if you can team up with someone with more experience, but it's harder. Established artists are more likely to want to work with established writers. But it's totally normal and great to team up with fellow beginners -- those can often become the folks who'll have your back forever.

RT @caraellison do you have any advice for getting artists to collaborate with? I have had a hard time of it, and it’s not really the money, but that artists want print comics to work in and I don’t know how I can guarantee that as someone who is just starting with creator owned

GP: It can be hard! One practical piece of advice is to look for folks starting out at the same level as you. When I was coming up in film, I did tons of small projects with folks with just as little experience as me...

Did I mention I'm writing the new FIREFLY series? I'm writing the new FIREFLY series! Interior art by Dan McDaid!

I'm writing the new James Bond comic book series! Coming this November from Dynamite! Cover by Dave Johnson, interior art by Marc Laming!

I'm donating the purchase price of all items sold at this June and July to RAICES and the Texas Civil Rights Project. Buy some books and support great orgs helping families separated at the border!

An interior page from INCREDIBLE HULK #717, the last issue of my third Hulk run. In comic shops now!

Art by Carlo Barberi and Walden Wong, colors by Frank D’armata, letters by Cory Petit.

Loved writing this book and loved this moment in particular. It’s been a tremendous experience and privilege to write this next huge chapter in Amadeus Cho’s life and bring it to this huge finish. Thanks so much to everyone for supporting for the last two and a half years!

Reading Alexander Chee's new book slooooowly, because each chapter hits me like a brick. Highly recommended, especially if you want to be a writer.

Having photos appear without the URL in the timeline is much nicer -- thanks, @Gargron !

MECH CADET YU #8, in stores this coming Wednesday! Check out the lettered preview here!

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