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@ryusei (and they should hire me to write it, natch. ;-) )

RT @ryusei Do you think we will ever see an Amadeus Cho movie, guest starring Herc?

A: I have zero inside knowledge about any of this. But man, Amadeus has gotta show up in the MCU eventually, right? Amadeus and Herc would be fantastic additions to a Thor movie. Or Amadeus could join Banner in a Hulk movie. Or hell, they could just go whole hog and do an AMADEUS SOLO MOVIE WHY NOT AMIRITE?

Do you think iTunes shuffle "randomly" plays more Christmas songs the closer we get to Christmas?

(I do.)

RT @kaleldatatheiman Which comics are you most looking forward to for 2018 (besides Weapon H, Weapon X, Incredible Hulk & Mech Cadet Yu)?

A: I've got two more secret projects in the works that I'm super excited about. Can't reveal what they are just yet. BUT THEY ARE SUPER EXCITING.

Okay, taking a bit of a break. If you have non-spoiler request and non-battle-board questions, I'll try to answer!

Cleaning up my digital life. Shutting down old webhosts, old websites. Getting rid of unused old email addresses. Making sure everything points where it's supposed to.

Feels good.

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The venga bus is coming.

And everybody's running.

You pray it doesn't find you.

But now it's right behind you.

Twitter's new formatting of threads feels like another gentle nudge pushing me away from the site. Old version used to show the latest installment in the thread and the first installment. Now it shows just the first installment with a link to all later installments. Less info. Trying to make me click to pump up false engagement metrics. No thanks.

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opportunity available for the Spring Semester--Earn college credit while learning about from an industry professional. Must be a college junior or senior with proficiency in Adobe , , and . Prerequisite reading required. Stipend available, flexible hours. Please email resume to

ICYMI, here's a fun trailer for the MECH CADET YU comic book I'm making with Tak Miyazawa, Triona Farrell, and Simon Bowland. Feel free to spread it around!

On the recommendation of Cheryl Lynn Eaton on Twitter, I tried out MailPoet, which is a Wordpress plugin. My website runs on Wordpress. So it was easy to set up and the interface is great. And everything's under my control and I can delete those online web versions of the emails should I choose. So I'm happy!

Very happy with the email newsletter relaunch, btw. Tested MailChimp and Tiny Letter. MailChimp felt too complicated just to compose the newsletter -- didn't love the interface/WSIWYG system. And I didn't love the fact that both MailChimp and Tiny Letter seem to create online web versions of each email by default -- which I couldn't figure out how to delete. That strikes me as bad.

Thrilled that Patreon changed their mind about their fee change. I'm just a backer there now, but I'm VERY interested in all platforms designed to let indie creators reach audience, so it was important to me. And I have so many friends who were lost real income because of those changes.

Good reminder, though, that we need to maintain ways to connect with audience OUTSIDE of these services. That's why I've relaunched my email newsletter.

Gonna a send a rarely seen FREE digital book to Greg Pak Newsletter subscribers in a few hours. Subscribe now if you want in!

Donated $232 to the Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico hurricane relief -- proceeds from sales of KICKSTARTER SECRETS and ABC DISGUSTING over the past few weeks.

Sales of both books are still going to the Hispanic Federation through 2017 -- please feel free to check it out!

Okay, looks terrible blown up like that. But shrunk down on my website it looks fine. ;-)

In case anyone needs it, here's a tiny Mastodon gif with a transparent background you can use on your website to link to your profile.

Updating my website and want to include a little Mastodon icon next to my other social media icons. Anyone know where to download an image? cc @Gargron

Gorgeous @Tom_Raney Hulk art -- auction to benefit the Hero Initiative! Check it out!

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