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Gonna show some new art you haven't seen anywhere for an upcoming comic book in my next email newsletter. Subscribe today!

"I wish you a hopeful Christmas
"I wish you a brave new year
"All anguish, pain and sadness
"Leave your heart and let your road be clear"

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If you enjoy Tom the Dancing Bug, please consider joining the ragtag band of misfits who battle against the odds: the INNER HIVE.
You get stuff, access, info, privileges, and other stuff.
Join the team for 2018

Sometimes as a Kickstarter creator, I purse my lips a bit when someone fills out the survey months or years late. But I just completed seven surveys for projects I backed months or years ago, so WHOOPS!

Hey, Phil hit his goal! Big thanks to everyone who shared the link and backed! Excited for him!

Hey, my buddy Phil LaMarr, the voice actor you love from SAMURAI JACK and a million other things, has an Indiegogo for a cool animated project called GOBLINS -- and it's down to the wire! Pls check it out! So close!

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This was finally announced today, but you guys knew all about it already!

Not gonna pretend I understand all of the intricacies of this, but I got a feeling this kind of thing is gonna be pretty important in 2018.

Wire is moving towards being self-hostable/federated

In #2018, I'm going to:
* Keep working on awesome, fun work-for-hire books.
* Keep making kickass creator-owned comics with my fave artists.
* Launch another Kickstarter for a cool secret project. Maybe even TWO Kickstarters.
* Keep telling stories with Asian American characters.

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A lot of folks' fear is that when Mastodon grows it'll absorb bad people. I'm gonna say this. I think even if Mastodon literally grows to the size of current Twitter, the world will be better off overall just because of how Mastodon is structured and what values it represents and what tools it provides for dealing with those problems.

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If you can get it at your local shop, do that, but if not, the Whiteout Compendium is now available in my webshop, signed w/ a sketch.

Gonna give away another FREE PDF of a rarely seen comic of mine to subscribers of the Greg Pak Newsletter on Tuesday. Get in on this -- subscribe today!

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Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote Princess of Mars 100 years ago and now I'm writing the prequel. No pressure at all...:-) fortunately Pasquale Qualano and Valentina Pinto are rocking the art, as you can see-

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