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Out today! I did a variant cover for TMNT Universe #18!

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IF you enjoyed Tom the Dancing Bug in 2017, please join the team for 2018 and become an essential part of the comic by joining the INNER HIVE!
IF NOT, please still join.
Happy New Year, friends! To a better 2018…

6. Block all trolls. People and orgs. Eliminate distraction.

5. Absolutely use social media for actual communication, to shamelessly plug work, and to support people/orgs/causes that matter.

4. Less social media, more reading comics and books and watching movies. In other words, stop using social media as a time kill or entertainment.

2. Create a separate email address for email newsletters that you actually want to read. That way all that good stuff is in one place in your email program and you're more likely to actually read it.

Some random New Year thoughts... not quite resolutions, but advice to myself...

1. Spend a little money to buy the right tools for the job. Seemingly tiny things like getting a surge protector with USB jacks might eliminate a hundred moments of distraction over the course of the year. Totally worth it.

Right now is probably a great time to drink a glass of water!

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Fellow APAer Mike Choi did the cover for my new Green Hornet out in March (in case you’re wondering, she’s the daughter of Kato..)

2018 resolution: less social media, more reading comics.

tfw you've been mad at a big company for issuing a rebate card with an expiration date for weeks and then you finally check up on it and you actually used the card up months ago before it expired and just forgot to throw it out wheeeeeee

Finally saw WONDER WOMAN. Enjoyed it much. Best action choreography/direction I've seen in a while.

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It's not often that I ask anyone to go on :birdsite:, but this is for a good cause. If you've still got an account and you're willing, help me get this tweet out there, about tomorrow:

The best things I wrote in 2017 -- including MECH CADET YU, the PLANET HULK PROSE NOVEL, and TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #15

Gonna show some new art you haven't seen anywhere for an upcoming comic book in my next email newsletter. Subscribe today!

"I wish you a hopeful Christmas
"I wish you a brave new year
"All anguish, pain and sadness
"Leave your heart and let your road be clear"

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