So, uh, there's no way of bulk-importing all the accounts I just followed on my account at a different instance (@gretchenmcc) if I now want to follow them here instead, is there?

Not sure yet whether I'm going to be more active on this account or, so for best results you may want to follow both for now?

Something for - j'eat jet, a linguistically-excellent restaurant name that I recently visited in Brooklyn when I was there for EmojiCon

(from my monthly linkfest here )

I'm trying to find fellow people into linguistics, feel free to RT!

Anyway, hi, I'm an internet linguist!

You might know me from writing linguistics articles at The Toast (RIP)

These days I cohost a podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics ( and I'm writing a book in defense of internet language which'll be out with Penguin in 2019

Well, it's worth a try...anyone know any other linguists on here?


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