Well, it's worth a try...anyone know any other linguists on here?

@gretchenmcc Welcome to Mastodon! I don't know if they use the term linguist, but they certainly post a lot of neat things about language and its history: @noelle

@jond @gretchenmcc hello! I would not by any means call myself a linguist, I'm just a nerd who likes dictionaries. :)

@noelle @gretchenmcc I might maybe still sometimes point people to your "Why isn't the new year on the winter solstice?" thread. I'm not saying that I do, but I totally do. (Yeah, it's not strictly language-related but a good confluence of language and culture!)

@jond @noelle That's an excellent thread! You might also like our episode on language in time and space, where we talk about seconds and why the future is in front of us

@gretchenmcc you should check out some people on, the place where no e is allowed. :^)
also, there's @aparrish on the artsy side of linguistics

@norwin Yesss, ty!
@aparrish is great on the Bird Site (as I am led to believe y'all call it here)

@supergoose @gretchenmcc This person is indeed a linguist. Welcome to Mastodon! I believe was created as a linguists’ instance, but I haven’t used that account in a while, so I don’t know what they’re up to.

Btw we use hashtags for finding stuff/people here, so I recommend you make an intro post with #linguistics and anything else you might want to find people with or allow people to find you with

@DialMforMara @supergoose Ah, yeah, I haven't quite wrapped my head around how instances vs hashtags work here - thanks!

And yes! Welcome to Mastodon. It's pretty gnarly, so far... :D

@gretchenmcc @DialMforMara

@gretchenmcc @supergoose You’re welcome!

Instances are like different email services—like you might be @gmail and I might be @yahoo, but I can still send you an email or sign up for your mailing list no problem. Your hashtagged public post can be seen in the tag feed by anyone on any service your provider has agreed to accept messages from.


uh, kinda?

maybe more of a philologist than a linguist, though I've done some (indo-european) historical linguistics, too

... and welcome!

@gretchenmcc Amateur. Undergraduate. Some interest in conlangs as well. Adjacent to developmental psychology and AI research/natural language parsing.

@gretchenmcc You can try searching through the #linguistics hashtag. I get a good number of results myself.

@gretchenmcc I'm an amateur linguist (and conlanger) (and I follow you on twitter so why not here too)

@gretchenmcc Oh, this is exciting! I follow you on Twitter. Welcome!

I'm long out of practice after having gotten my BA in linguistics a while back, but is an academia-centered instance... Maybe the admin there knows of any linguists in the instance or can boost? (Thank you in advance if you do, Socrates!) @socrates

I would not call myself a linguist and I only really know English but I love language. I'm always interested in digging into languages both as systems and artistically.

@gretchenmcc yes I studied it a little, and @hollyamory definitely counts as one. I know there's a few more, but my brain can't remember atm!

Bless you maloki, I'm not a linguist yet! I'm just about to start my second year of my undergrad (as a "mature" student; I'm twice the age of the others).

The podcast @gretchenmcc co-hosts is largely to blame for me trying to do this degree though: my spouse got sick of me complaining that I could only listen to linguists' podcasts and follow them on birdsite and helped me figure out how to apply for uni at the last minute--pretty much exactly a year ago!

@hollyamory ack still more than I'll have done. You still talk about it enough imo!


Haha, yes, I do talk about it enough that I do not blame anybody who thinks I am a linguist.

I don't mean to mislead anybody, I'm just so excited about everything I am learning. :)

Nope sorry. I'm in NLP but I think the critical mass has not been reached yet to gather specialist communities; better see it as a challenge for you to build this community here ;-)
But I may be wrong of course ;-)

@ojahnn hahaha oh good lord, this is social media, Gretchen is fine :)

@gretchenmcc ah, I know, I know - but I can't say that word. Your vocalic parts don't fit into my instantiation (can't say "right-way-up schwa").

@gretchenmcc Sorry. I don't know why, but I thought you'd know about

@ojahnn oh whoops hahaha I did know, I just forgot (slash didn't think you oulipo peeps did so ALWAYS)

@gretchenmcc our instantiation actually forbids us from posting anything with that symbol! Anyway - looking forward to talking to you about #linguistics, which is luckily totally valid on oulipo

@ojahnn wow, at least you can see mine, I guess! that's some dedication :D

@ojahnn @gretchenmcc Quick oulipo ask: can you say pics for words? (so is "I ❤️ masto" ok?)

@ojahnn do writing-windows warn of fifth glyph inclusion at toot-button-click? (this is fun, but I don't think I can maintain long...)

@DialMforMara good job so far, though! If you try to post a toot that contains an illicit symbol, your input box throws a pop-up with that info, and your post can't go through.

@DialMforMara @ojahnn I usually toot from an app on my Android, but if I try to add that taboo glyph, it won't publish, and a disapproving toast pops up. It says "Did not pass validation, invalid symbol" I think.

@gretchenmcc I'm not one, although I adore words and language.

Recently I saw a quote here (just yesterday?) saying an acquaintance of his thought linguistics was the study of pasta...


Here is an actual thread on Hacker News today though:

Preservationists, please save a dying language before it’s too late: Chicagoese

Apologies for the crude handle name (I need a new main account) 

@gretchenmcc Hi! I'm a linguist :) there's some of us around. You are the blogger from all things linguistics, right? Your posts helped me out a lot during my first year.

@gretchenmcc 👋 linguist is probably an overstatement, but I definitely have a linguistics degree I'm not using! welcome!

@gretchenmcc Another non-linguist here, but as an author not using her French Studies degree I certainly have an interest.

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