Irgendwie unverständlich aber ich bin auf umgezogen. Wird irgendwie genau so angezeigt wie hier... "muss klicken!" @ grex_e @ oder : @grex_e

New Rx580, (missing one cable) but at least 2/3 working.

Yeah, I have a "brand-new"
Hackintosh i7 4970K, 32GB RAM, 500 GB SSD with a "new" Radeon RX580 8GB (which is supported by macOS). Great feeling in the desert (10.14 - Mojave). That's all about the new(old) Hackintosh. I will use it now until failure tears us apart ;)

Thanks to there are no usable Nvidia Gfx drivers (for my GTX 670, at this point,) only GTX 680 is supported. I think I need a new GFX-Card... Seems that is the only thing that need improvement. The new Hackintosh feels twice as fast, with the old hardware. But I am missing 2/3 displays 😞

In fact it was some usb thing. Booted to my old os from that stick, no usb at all. Copied my old DSDT.aml to the new efi folder - usb available on boot

Ok, let's start the nightshift with this Hackintosh, now that my stomach is full, I am able to think (hopefully) again. The problem is probably caused by a USB3 Stick that I am using as install media. Should be a USB2.0 the manual says. Let's see, takes some 30 minutes to build that stick. Keep U updated.

No luck today with my Hackintosh #7. I will continue when I am able to access my BIOS again.

Hangs here... When i try to access bios advanced settings to check, i get a black screen... Seems to be the boot device

Let´s see if Mojave(OS X 10.14) will run on my old Hackintosh i7. Making a clean fresh install from scratch. Updates will follow.

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