It's mystery plant time again! Gardeners of Mastodon, what is this lovely plant I saw today?

@griffinkate bugger. I know this, but braincell won't engage. Will boost.

@griffinkate the fruit reminds me a lot of rosehip. But I don't think they cluster quite like that. May still be related though?

@griffinkate this is a Good Plant, very round and jewel toned, 10/10 thank you for posting

@griffinkate a pretty red and spiky one

(I’ll boost to help you get a useful reply)

@griffinkate is it some cultivated variety of Himalayan Honeysuckle? It’s considered a weed here in NZ but a desirable garden plant in the UK…

@dubh @griffinkate That's the plant I was thinking of but couldn't recall it's name. Leycesteria formosa.

I find it fascinating how some plants are weeds in one place and a treasure in another. Agapanthus is a weed in Oz yet I couldn't keep one alive in the UK.

@GwenfarsGarden @dubh Conversely, I couldn't believe it when I went to Spain and couldn't buy fresh mint anywhere. Mint plants and packs of fresh mint in the shops are just not a thing there. My MIL who lives there insists it's because "mint grows as a weed here" so they won't sell it as a herb. So because it's a "too common" it's actually really rare and hard to get hold of?!

@griffinkate @GwenfarsGarden ha ha Agapanthus is my bane, it grows so thickly and it will actually displace grass if given a chance! Plus I’m mildly allergic to the sap, so chopping it out gets pretty annoying. Meanwhile I’ve seen the Himalayan Honeysuckle crowd everything out on the forest margins, it’s not the worst weed of wild places that we have but it’s not good.

@maru Yes! Thank you. Someone else said the same thing so I think you're both right.

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