I've been noticing recently that the tone of a lot of what goes on in the fediverse (specifically with regards to FOSS, distributed tech and privacy) is becoming very holier-than-thou and full of disdain.

When I'm about to post a message I try to think about who the audience is - if they're a bunch of people who already agree with me who I want to share a snide disdain for other people with, I don't post it because I feel like it's the junk food of interaction.

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@brennen @PresGas @kensanata

RSS is important to me. I use it all the time. To see it deprecated hurts and really diminishes the actual functionality of the internet. If it's not visible how are users going to learn about it?

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Decentralization is COMPLICATED 

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I have a question:

Is there a way to have a single server host accounts across multiple domains?

I want something like me@personal, project@project and bot@bot all to be hosted from a single instance.

A bit like a vhost and a webserver.

Is this possible? If not would it be a huge diff?

I also had both my dad and my wife picking locks today. It was a pretty good day :)

Did a bunch of FreeBSD dev environment automation today - qemu bootstrapping, poudriere setup because iocage was fixed for 12.0-RELEASE about 14 days ago so I need iocage-devel (and thought I’d use the opportunity to make something reproducible), and hopefully iocage for trialling osem.io tomorrow.

This is what happens when you get ensnared into volunteering by a bunch of FreeBSD nerds.

Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of the intent is very noble, and in cases very pragmatically applied (*GPL for the Linux kernel feels like a great choice for example), but it’s not one-size-fits-all.

I find the fanaticism of copyleft over MIT/BSD/Apache licenses to be a little bizarre sometimes. There seems to be an assumption that modifications will be committed back upstream rather than just forked into some random internet facing repo that nobody can find...

I release as 3-clause BSD in most cases because I want to enable people to Get Shit Done without the overhead of sanitising and publishing their codebase. Basically I don’t want them to owe me anything.

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You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.

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. @hibbie and I continue our bad decision making.

Please join us next December for Aberdeen’s best tech conference

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fediverse is short for "fred ivers", who is the guy who reads everyone's posts and has to type them in to everyone else's computer. thanks , fred

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Unless you have a very good reason not to, or are publicly known anyway, there is really no need for you to use your real name or photo online.

Back in the 90s when i first discovered the internet, this was common knowledge. Nobody used their real name on forums or share personal information without considering the consequences. Those few who did were promptly told that's a bad idea.

It seems somehow we unlearned this, right when corporations started monetizing that information.

I'm starting to muse on what instance would be right for me. I think the thing I find disingenuous about modern social media platforms is the idea of shouting into the void, rather than contributing to a focussed community.

I don't really care about federation politics, I'd like to be surrounded by freaks and weirdos who like doing esoteric things with computers.

Social media makes me act like such a dickhead :<

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Hello internets.

I sometimes blog about little hacks I've done at oholiab.github.io

So that's a thing.

Oh man I've just set up a tmux binding for sending the current copy-mode selected text to the marked pane...

Means for shitty annoying workflows I can make a set of markdown notes and just send the commands to the relevant pane.

This is the shit.

If you want to feel terrified about the post-2016 world, rewatch Children Of Men.

If you’re British, think especially about Theresa May’s “hostile environment” for illegal immigrants.

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