Getting into InfoSec is like looking under the hood of a car for the first time and expecting to see an engine but finding chickens on treadmills and a guy making "vroom" noises whilst posting disparaging remarks about women on Twitter.

@grimmware InfoSec is preceded by a bad reputation but also its the only thing stopping the internet from disintegrating completely.

@bob Honestly I think if we dropped the pretence of doing an amazing job and being shit hot at everything we'd get more *real* problems solved that reflect the actual day-to-day threat model of our users.

@bob @grimmware Barring an IRC channel I frequent, I've been very happy with my infosec acquaintances, so I'm sorry to hear this.

(But our worlds may not intersect much; I have no idea what Infosec Twitter is like, for instance, other than Swift on Security.)

@bob @grimmware ...ah, and now I hear about the DerbyCon stuff, which this is presumably a subtoot of.

Until government regulations start mandating good security processes, things won't change. Companies keep doing shit and blaming hackers for not locking their goddamn doors.

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