Other than the ZX81 and cased Spectrum, I’ve also acquired this Tandy 1400LT. It was Tandy’s first IBM compatible portable, and I’m looking forward to getting a power supply so I can see it in action again!

I’m especially interested to see if I can find a Unix that will run on it!

@EdS I think they might be 720K drives and the install mentions Windows 95 which means it might be a little old and under-resourced for Linux but I’ll do my homework before discounting it!

Hmm, linux on 720k capacity 5 ¼ inch disks... good challenge. I find

"H.J.Lu's bootable root disk for LINUX. This version is for 5.25 inch floppies only. Use this to upgrade your system to 0.98.5 or to "test drive" LINUX the multi-tasking FREEWARE UNIX."

"Because of the lack of space on the 5.25" version, there are only a few free blocks left, and you may have trouble using vi. "



@EdS @grimmware that’s probably 1200k

and Linux won’t run on a NEC V20 at all, it needs a 386 or better

you might get Minix going

if you can upgrade it to match the 1400HD in spec, you might depending on how they implemented the hard drive get Xenix going

@allison @EdS @grimmware also PC/IX if it’s close enough to IBM PC-shaped, if we’re digging deep into the depths of 8088 Unix

(but really Minix is the open source option, Xenix is AFAIK what most people actually ran?)

oh, and QNX is also an option, and is really impressive, but that’s… not really Unix, even if it’s Unix-shaped

@bhtooefr @EdS @grimmware Yeah QNX 2 is definitely an option if you can procure a copy

@EdS @allison @bhtooefr holy shit Linux running on that Epson linked in the README tho.

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