Surgery was a success! The ZX81 now has composite video! Shame most of the keys don’t work (probably the shitty ends on the connectors to be fair) but in all honesty I was planning on replacing it outright with a complete front patio remodelling if you know what I mean.

That and the 32K internal ram mod and first round of renovations is done!

Other than the ZX81 and cased Spectrum, I’ve also acquired this Tandy 1400LT. It was Tandy’s first IBM compatible portable, and I’m looking forward to getting a power supply so I can see it in action again!

I’m especially interested to see if I can find a Unix that will run on it!

I feel like I’m probably really good at being sassy about portions of occult texts in a funny way, but I don’t know whether it’s sufficiently niche that I’ll never find out or it’s just Dunning-Kruger and d’doy this is the internet of course there are people who can come up with funnier than that.

I spent my Saturday building this asshole and then watching Gunhed. 0 regrets. When it stops raining I’ll take it outside and spray paint it glow in the dark green.

Not to be a dick but breathlessly fawning over how good you are for making a privacy-centric public DNS resolver in one sentence and then saying that it's part of a deal to let APNIC aggregate data on misconfigured systems in another seems a little contradictory.

Yeah I set up graphite last night so I could monitor the temperature in my attic. It's probably a few degrees colder because that's "microbit.temperature()" output, so the temperature of the device rather than the environment.

Finished putting together the first iteration of my gherkin keyboard yesterday. Protip: don't solder all the LEDs in backwards.


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