Sounds like is turning out to be a bad place to be. Imma start using my alt as my main, will do a slow roll-over. boosted

Today I woke up and saw someone posting an article entitled "If You Are Not Happy with the State of Magic, Stop Giving Wizards Your Money"

It's about Magic the Gathering, but man. It really took me a minute.

@spazzpp2 @rysiek

*kicks down movie pitch meeting door* “MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT ROBERT SMALLS YOU COWARDS”
“But this is for the Star Wars franchi-“

@pfm @spazzpp2 “this will never happen because racists won’t like it” is likely something that had to be shouted down in every Hollywood proposal that ended in a movie about a black protagonist being released.

Fuck em, don’t worry about calling out their concerns because it normalises that it will happen. It *should* be a shock when it happens.

I say this as someone who has a habit of pointing out the potential pitfalls of a good idea - it kills enthusiasm more quickly than it solves problems. boosted

@nicksellen love it!! using tech skills to support communities is 💯

blue-collar as in very similar to an electrical shop that does service work -- when you have trouble with your legacy application that's hand-built or has lots of integrations, you could call a crew that's experienced in *keeping old systems running* and *bringing them up to standard* over time.

@wolf480pl yes and yes :)

It was crazy simple, I just snipped the video and 5V in just inside the case for the modulator (okay, ended up doing video in just *outside* because the wire was jammed in between a resistor and a capacitor) and the video out from the output jack and wired all three into a TheFutureWas8Bit Atari 2600 composite mod, along with ground to the modulator casing.

Basically just followed this

@m3lang3 I’ve got one of those :) I’m going to do an internal 32K RAM mod and the see if I can use the edge connector as GPIO instead!

Surgery was a success! The ZX81 now has composite video! Shame most of the keys don’t work (probably the shitty ends on the connectors to be fair) but in all honesty I was planning on replacing it outright with a complete front patio remodelling if you know what I mean.

That and the 32K internal ram mod and first round of renovations is done!

@dualhammers if I wasn’t already up to my eyeballs in vim muscle-memory I would be cutting my teeth on something entirely different, to be sure.

Anyone moved instances and had any particular kinds of success in taking followers with or do I just have to start again and rebuild those relationships?

Kinda got no problem with the latter but I’ve finally built some relationships I kinda like on here! Might just reach out to those people and let em know :)

I’d been getting the impression for a while that users were somehow lower class fediverse citizens and I’d been putting off moving because a status domain feels like the inverse of the point, but at this stage I think hosting my own instance is the best way of not being responsible for others by inference.

After my wonderful experience with and not going it on my own with gemini that feels kinda sad. boosted

@dualhammers @neauoire I really like AUR, it’s like not having to jump through quite as many hoops in order to see whether more obscure software is worth the effort.

I also have a system for building packages in a systemd-nspawn container so I don’t have to pollute the host OS with build dependencies, although much like Arch it’s not something I’d necessarily recommend to people :P

@dualhammers I’m in the process of transitioning from emacs back to neovim and I wrote some tiny bits of vimscript to do ticky boxes in markdown because honestly that’s the only thing from org-mode I actually needed.

@EdS @allison @bhtooefr holy shit Linux running on that Epson linked in the README tho. this is so very wholesome.

@EdS I think they might be 720K drives and the install mentions Windows 95 which means it might be a little old and under-resourced for Linux but I’ll do my homework before discounting it!

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