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Any news on when PineTime dev kits will be available again? I managed to brick mine before ever managing to flash any code to it :(

I feel like I’m probably really good at being sassy about portions of occult texts in a funny way, but I don’t know whether it’s sufficiently niche that I’ll never find out or it’s just Dunning-Kruger and d’doy this is the internet of course there are people who can come up with funnier than that.

According to the Necronomicon, people who work in infosec are probably the worshippers of Tiamat (one of the nastier of the Ancient Ones, “at whose Name even [...] the dread KUTULU strains his bonds”) as “their Books are the Books of CHAOS and the flames, and are the Books of Shadows and Shells.”

Chaos, flaming, cracking /etc/shadow and popping shells. Oh and being a pack of bastards.

Today is not turning out to be the good day I thought it was going to be.

Last night I wrote a docker-compose setup for containerised wireguard that doesn’t use iptables for isolation because I’m bad at it.

Instead, the sidecar container violently munges the application container by dumping the wireguard interface into the app container with no egress and sets it as the default route.

For control plane access to the app, I used socat to reverse proxy the web interface to a socket which I bind mount and then proxy on an nginx container on my LAN

Blog post to come :)

I never understand what "likes" or "favorites" mean to a person.

Like, do you want to bookmark what I said to revisit for posterity or are you nodding in agreement?

The fediverse should have "nods" that are only visible to the person who done a toot. I don't understand how to people. A while ago during lockdown I did a talk at campGNDd which I never actually posted here.

It's a sprawling diatribe about blowing up a BBC Micro's power supply by channelling satan and then hacking together a hex editor to binary repair the spell that did it. boosted

alias mp3-dl='youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3'

Last night I managed to proof-of-concept a zigbee2mqtt setup using 3 Docker containers, very little modification and a cheap USB zigbee dongle to run on the light across the room.

It took maybe 20 minutes and I was drunk :)

I spent my Saturday building this asshole and then watching Gunhed. 0 regrets. When it stops raining I’ll take it outside and spray paint it glow in the dark green.

I've been noticing recently that the tone of a lot of what goes on in the fediverse (specifically with regards to FOSS, distributed tech and privacy) is becoming very holier-than-thou and full of disdain.

When I'm about to post a message I try to think about who the audience is - if they're a bunch of people who already agree with me who I want to share a snide disdain for other people with, I don't post it because I feel like it's the junk food of interaction. boosted

@brennen @PresGas @kensanata

RSS is important to me. I use it all the time. To see it deprecated hurts and really diminishes the actual functionality of the internet. If it's not visible how are users going to learn about it? boosted

Decentralization is COMPLICATED 

It involves TRADEOFFS.

It is not an inherent positive.

It is an architectural/technological decision that fits in some cases and doesn't in others.

It is possible to decentralize on different layers/levels, and knowing when to and when not to is super complicated.

[This has been your local friendly architecture guy PSA, please return to your festive activities] boosted

I have a question:

Is there a way to have a single server host accounts across multiple domains?

I want something like me@personal, project@project and bot@bot all to be hosted from a single instance.

A bit like a vhost and a webserver.

Is this possible? If not would it be a huge diff?

I also had both my dad and my wife picking locks today. It was a pretty good day :)

Did a bunch of FreeBSD dev environment automation today - qemu bootstrapping, poudriere setup because iocage was fixed for 12.0-RELEASE about 14 days ago so I need iocage-devel (and thought I’d use the opportunity to make something reproducible), and hopefully iocage for trialling tomorrow.

This is what happens when you get ensnared into volunteering by a bunch of FreeBSD nerds.

Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of the intent is very noble, and in cases very pragmatically applied (*GPL for the Linux kernel feels like a great choice for example), but it’s not one-size-fits-all.

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I find the fanaticism of copyleft over MIT/BSD/Apache licenses to be a little bizarre sometimes. There seems to be an assumption that modifications will be committed back upstream rather than just forked into some random internet facing repo that nobody can find...

I release as 3-clause BSD in most cases because I want to enable people to Get Shit Done without the overhead of sanitising and publishing their codebase. Basically I don’t want them to owe me anything. boosted boosted

You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.

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