update: improved profile pictures.
- You can now select a square region while uploading one.
- Regardless of that, your profile will still show the full, non-square version, VK-style.
- You can now delete your profile picture.

TODO: figure out how to expose these in objects.

See a live example in my profile on my test instance @grishka

It's certainly starting to look like the real thing.

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@grishka @grishka cool it already federates with mastodon! but you should add a link to the source code somewhere on the page (unless I missed it).

@grishka that build and installation looks really complicated. Would you be interested in me writing a dockerfile and maybe docker-compose to simplify that?

@felix oh for crying out loud, have we forgotten how to make software? /rant

Anyway, there's already a pull request on putting it into docker, I'll come back to it after I finish some basic admin tools like a configurable server name and an option to have open signups.

@grishka ah cool I didn't see that. Don't know about you, but figuring out how to compile something is the least fun part of software development, so I'm glad if docker let's me skip that.

@felix I meant github being down. Of course configuring things manually is suboptimal, and it's universally better when all you have to do is run one command to get everything up and running. Actually, I have several tabs open to read about docker ;)

@grishka oh I misunderstood then, cool! Definitely check out docker-compose as well then, with that you can bring up your own programming, the database and everything else you need in one command.

> figure out how to expose these in ActivityPub objects.

@grishka probably the full one is the Object's image property and the other is the icon. However I think that mastodon is using the image as a "cover photo".

@mariusor that's what I was about to say, mastodon does use "image" as a cover photo and it seems like a consensus across the existing implementations. I'm thinking about adding a nested Image object to "icon". Like an "image" of an "icon", maybe?

@grishka or have Icon as an array of images, with different sizes?

@mariusor tried that a while ago with sizes and formats. While technically valid JSON-LD, some implementations didn't like it anyway. They ignored the array altogether and didn't show any profile picture.

@grishka I'm sorry you have to give a shit about non conforming servers. :(

@mariusor it used to be one level deeper in VK. You upload a profile picture. Then, you select a rectangular part to be shown in your profile. Then, you select a square part out of that. Then you're done.

The initial full-size picture is then put into your "profile pictures" photo album that can be opened by clicking the profile picture in your profile.

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