update: L I K E S!!1
Likes are now done. They work exactly like they do in VK. Additional tweaks:
- Refectored the JS a bunch.
- Boxes can now be dismissed by an X, by the escape key and by clicking outside.
- All transitions on them are now animated.

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@Gargron you broke something 😏

These appear any time you try to type a mention or a hashtag.

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@grishka do they federate? Or magically show or not show just as on Mastodon? :thinkhappy:

@sasha_sorokin that's the next thing to take care of. They do have LD-signatures, everything I send out does, so I just need to start sending & forwarding them to instances that I know for sure have the post.

By the way, does Pleroma need likes to be fetchable since it doesn't do LD-signatures? @lanodan

@grishka @sasha_sorokin We use HTTP Signatures instead.

And like ActivityPub says, non-transient messages needs to be fetchable.
@grishka @sasha_sorokin Also I would recommend to only use LD-Signatures for public objects otherwise you break plausible deniabilility.

@lanodan @sasha_sorokin I do want to deliberately not have any of it, actually. This desire to pretend that deleted objects never existed breaks all kinds of things:

I prefer solid data consistency over the false sense of privacy (that is next to impossible to achieve in a distributed system anyway).

@grishka @sasha_sorokin False privacy?
Wouldn't really matter to give a Tombstone instead anyway, your instance could have parts of a thread with lacking one instance for a pile of reasons, most of them related to federation restrictions.
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