update. I guess I'm done with my image storage changes — it all works now, and blurhashes are calculated and stored for all newly uploaded images in posts. I also made building the JNI library easier because it's only now that I discovered the intended use for pkg-config (to return compiler flags).

So, uh, what about groups? 🤔 😏

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@grishka I fucking love blurhash, glad to hear you are implementing it there. Everytime I am on a site that doesn't have it I miss it.

Can't wait for real groups! Have you made much progress on writing any FEPs? uh, well, it's not for the web UI, that's already blazingly fast enough — JS is mostly optional and I serve downscaled webp images to browsers that aren't Safari. They're really tiny. That's the whole purpose of imgproxy actually, I stored 4 sizes in 2 formats before.

I'm including blurhash in AP objects and will be returning it in the API as well when I'll have one.

No, haven't started working on FEPs yet.

@grishka interested to hear about your plans with groups, too. The watchlist has some group apps, but I guess there's no consensus about best way to implement them in interoperable ways.

There's (lotsa) open discussion about it.

@humanetech yeah and I myself started some of those discussions too.

To make it worse, there's no consensus on what a group is, conceptually. I envision them the way they are in VK (obviously) minus the ability to post on behalf of the group, but other people have other ideas. But I guess someone needs to be the first? I mean if I release something that sucks, there's no way I won't be made aware of that fact immediately 😅

Theoretical discussions are boring. Prototypes are exciting.


> Theoretical discussions are boring. Prototypes are exciting.

Yes, at this stage that might be best way to go forward.

I have future plans with groups myself. First in a relatively 'simple' community concept, and later still to implement circles.

(If I ever get myself to do deep work again, instead of being all over the place 😂 )

@grishka Umm, pardon my ignorance, but what does VK stands for? You make reference to it a lot..

@humanetech VKontakte (ВКонтакте, literally InTouch/InContact), the most popular social network in Russia and ex-USSR, most similar to Facebook. I worked there from 2011 to 2016 on the Android app. I quit shortly after it was acquired by Mail.Ru Group.

@grishka an interesting read, and interesting company to have worked for in the earlier days.

@humanetech @grishka @liaizon I don't know what #activitypub stands for. Anyone feeling to give a brief intro or links?

@damko @humanetech @grishka ActivityPub is the suite of “standards” that makes your server able to talk to my server. It’s a whole bunch of different agreements in vocabulary and grammar and design of server and client software. @damko @humanetech it's for distributed social media servers what SMTP is for email.

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