Two updates.
- If a post contains more than one picture, those will be laid out in this kind of tile layout. It works better when image dimensions are specified, which unfortunately no other software is doing as of now afaik.
- There's now this half-assed photo viewer in a layer. Will do for now, but I'll have to make a proper one anyway when there will be photo albums and tags and comments and all that stuff where photos aren't just image files.

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A bit of trivia: in VK, this layout algorithm was internally called "Zhukov layout", after the developer who first came up with it. Except there it used some hacky floating divs, but here I implemented it with CSS grid and the result is stretchable.

Oh and also: Telegram uses a variation of this algorithm to lay out photos and videos when you send them grouped.

@grishka всё хотел спросить: если Жуков такой хороший веб-программист, почему "старый" вебограм такой отстойный?
Или он не такой хороший веб-программист, если занимается бэкендом (?)

@groosha на вебограм забили ещё давно. А так он больше по бэку, да. В ВК, правда, занимался сообщениями целиком, включая веб.

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