Frustrated that you can't edit toots? Well, at least you'll be able to edit posts soon.

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@grishka do you use "Source" property for this? Or the Content directly?

@mariusor I store the source as was entered by the user initially. I mean it's fully local, no ActivityPub involved here.

@grishka I was asking because the video seems to show editing the html, instead of whatever the pre-rendered source is. I use the source AP attribute to show the pre-rendered markdown and content has the rendered html. See example:

@mariusor I do use (a limited subset of) html as my source format, it's always been like that. I don't expose source in AP. But I did add a "source_format" column just in case I'll add markdown later.

@mkljczk as far as federation goes, yes, I'll be using Update{Note} and will reset polls if they change. But I think I will limit the time during which you can edit your post to 24 hours, like VK does. And there won't be an edit history.

@grishka Try friendica or hubzilla you can edit post

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