Sometimes I stop understanding how exactly you're supposed to use IRC.

Everyone in 2010 said they wanted their wall back? Here you go. I just returned the wall.

Does anyone know how to stop from resending me the exact same request an ungodly amount of times? I'm not going to accept that request. It contains some weird JSON-LD context, and even if that was okay, it's not signed by a valid actor. So, obviously, I'm returning a 400 Bad Request. Is this not what I'm supposed to do in such a case?

That's interesting. I deployed the very early version of groups to my server, and Mastodon does actually recognize and label groups as such.

Today's update is something any social network of this style absolutely must have — mutual friends.

Yet another update. Besides now being able to open the wall as a separate page and filter it by own/all posts, you can now also see what two people have written on each other's walls.

Tiny update: Mastodon-style reposts (aka retoots) no longer look terrible.

Two updates.
- If a post contains more than one picture, those will be laid out in this kind of tile layout. It works better when image dimensions are specified, which unfortunately no other software is doing as of now afaik.
- There's now this half-assed photo viewer in a layer. Will do for now, but I'll have to make a proper one anyway when there will be photo albums and tags and comments and all that stuff where photos aren't just image files.

It only took me two years before I realized that my monitor is big enough that I can maximize the browser window and have the dev tools side by side like this, as opposed to using it in a tiny area at the bottom of a small-ish window.

Another day, another Vivaldi bug reported to never be fixed.

So, update. Tweaked the desktop layout a bit. Made the overall page narrower, changed other dimensions here and there, updated the logo to look nicer. Now it's starting to look like something I'm nostalgic about :)

Looks gorgeous on a retina display too. Also notice the new favicon, this now has a 32x32 version after I finally found a tool that would let me make an .ico containing more than one image on macOS.

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Drawing pixel-perfect icons gives me some weird kind of satisfaction.

Why is this a thing on We all know password complexity requirements have nothing to do with security. Btw, this is configurable in gitea:

cc @cj @pukkamustard

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