Sometimes I stop understanding how exactly you're supposed to use IRC.

@tma сам нарисовал когда-то, могу дать, надо?

@liaizon there are too many of his accounts that suggests and many of them look abandoned, so no idea which is his main one

Everyone in 2010 said they wanted their wall back? Here you go. I just returned the wall.

@silmathoron @tcit ah ok, you mean what I'd refer to as "privacy settings"? Like, who can do what to various stuff you own or manage? Yeah, that needs to be figured out to enable a smooth UX. I was going to write a FEP about it at some point.

It is a purely UX problem, because there's nothing to stop you from arbitrarily rejecting any activities with a 403 — and you'll still have to. It'd be better, though, if the originating server would know what's allowed in advance.

@silmathoron @tcit if I'll ever have private messages, they'll be end-to-end encrypted, probably using Matrix protocol.

@silmathoron @tcit well, here's my stance on security: there can't be any in a federated system, period. Everything is public. If you want something to not be public, it has to be encrypted. And end-to-end encryption carries with it a whole slew of UX problems. This is the reason why doesn't support non-public posts — there's no reliable way to enforce that privacy across instances, and you'll be relying on admins being honest and not looking into the database.

@silmathoron @tcit I don't intend to make groups compatible with Mastodon. They're entirely based on my wall post federation.

Does anyone know how to stop from resending me the exact same request an ungodly amount of times? I'm not going to accept that request. It contains some weird JSON-LD context, and even if that was okay, it's not signed by a valid actor. So, obviously, I'm returning a 400 Bad Request. Is this not what I'm supposed to do in such a case?

@drq я её сломал, вот починил сейчас обратно

@l_artem хм, да. Надо будет с ними потестить когда-нибудь, пока у меня вообще даже не открываются группы с других серверов.

(don't follow that actor please, it won't work, the code to handle most of group federation is yet to be written)

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That's interesting. I deployed the very early version of groups to my server, and Mastodon does actually recognize and label groups as such.

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