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Words of wisdom from Billy Bragg are even more relevant 32 years later.

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The most rewarding work I did all week was sewing two patches on a Girl Scout vest. 👍

gross Kickstarter 

Worst Kickstarter I've seen to date:
A shirt with a pouch for vomit.
Funding unsuccessful. 🤢

When the pandemic is over I'm going back to Trafalgar Square and climbing on one of those damn lions.

When I selected this, it hadn't occurred to me that the band's name means Orange Demon.

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Hold On with Eugene Mirman. Guest: Reggie Watts 🤣

It's noon on NYE. My boss just gave me a task that requires the involvement of people on the east coast, where it's 3pm.

Magic 8 Ball says: Not Likely

I can listen to any Tom Waits album in its entirety, but Alice is a special kind of perfection.

The Queen Is Dead has aged well. Still a classic, even if Morrissey turned into a jerkhole.

If my monitor was so small that every pixel mattered, then a shrinking scroll bar would be a good idea.

But that's not the case for most users in 2020, so the default should be OFF for that horrible feature.

Thanks Microsoft!


Have you heard of gravy mayo? It's a game changer!

I'm thinking that "chud" isn't graphic enough. I'm calling them snotwads now.

2020 has really kicked my ass. I feel like I'm a much different person than I was a year ago, but the same could be said of most of us. I just want to hug my friends again.

You're probably a racist if you start with "not to be racist but"

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