You're probably a racist if you start with "not to be racist but"

@groff "I'm not a racist but let me tell you this racist joke"

@ketmorco Seriously! What makes them think that's going to absolve them from what they're about to say?

@groff I have realized that people love to believe that they are inherently good. But if you are a good person then the things that you do can't be bad, because good people don't do bad things.

There's a bit of a problem there, of course.

If you accept that you're a racist misogynist, not because you want to, but because you were born on planet Earth and especially if you grew up in the USA you definitely got trained, then you can critically examine thoughts/actions. "Is this action terrible?"

@groff but we have to accept that about ourselves. It's yucky and painful, but it allows so much more freedom.

I don't have to act like a terrible human just because I had the urge to tell a racist joke. I can simply... Not.

I don't have to mansplain because I read that a woman had a thought. I can simply appreciate that she did and move on.

But this only works if I accept my default racist misogyny and am on guard to stop it from happening.

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