re: SolarWinds hack, propaganda 

@vortex_egg The NYT does some outstanding reporting, like the series on Tiny Hand's taxes. However, many articles look like thinly veiled government press releases.

SolarWinds hack, propaganda 

@vortex_egg I read the NYT article today and was thinking the same thing! Then I remembered the NSA doesn't give a fuck about obeying the law and will spy on anyone anywhere anytime.

gross Kickstarter 

Worst Kickstarter I've seen to date:
A shirt with a pouch for vomit.
Funding unsuccessful. 🤢

When the pandemic is over I'm going back to Trafalgar Square and climbing on one of those damn lions.

When I selected this, it hadn't occurred to me that the band's name means Orange Demon.

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Hold On with Eugene Mirman. Guest: Reggie Watts 🤣

@SlowRain There's nothing wrong with selecting a motorcycle for purely cosmetic reasons, unfortunately most of those machines are overweight, unreliable, slow and loud.

It's noon on NYE. My boss just gave me a task that requires the involvement of people on the east coast, where it's 3pm.

Magic 8 Ball says: Not Likely

I can listen to any Tom Waits album in its entirety, but Alice is a special kind of perfection.

The Queen Is Dead has aged well. Still a classic, even if Morrissey turned into a jerkhole.

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