@popey Do you have a good source for everything that is needed to use this? I mean what is "a Konami loom (not supplied) to connect to a super gun or arcade cabinet. "

"The TV, controllers, power supply and supergun in one photo are to illustrate the board works, and are not included in the auction."

Excluding the TV, do you know where to buy the rest?

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@gryzor @popey that's a big question. If you mean how can I run these on a TV then you'll need a supergun (basically a power supply, joystick interface and rgb output connected to a JAMMA connector) you can make these yourself if you don't mind a bit of soldering or check on ebay - maybe £100?

The Konami adaptor is simply a link between a Konami edge connector and a JAMMA finger board. Easy enough to rustle up if you don't mind a bit of soldering and sourcing the parts or about £40 to buy.

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