I searched for a product in safe browser (Firefox) and after 30mins when my wife opened Facebook app on her phone she got ad for the same product!
Is Facebook app checking things on router/IP level?

@firefox @mozilla

I saw carbon compensation cost on one of the online shopping platforms today. Believe me, it feels good when you pay for your carbon footprints.

Starting today, is rolling out Total Cookie Protection by default to all Firefox users worldwide, making Firefox the most private and secure major browser available across Windows, Mac and Linux!


Is LEGO problem for environment or they are made with recycled plastic?

Amazing session on “Cognitive disabilities” by - @polent and Herb ❤️
We must think beyond!

We as developers often forget that beside all the standards we also should take care off sustainability. This is an important thing in our day by day work. @gsin had some nice thoughts around it.


I recently moved to pCloud and the challenge was how to delete all my photos from Google Photos (uploaded in the past 10+ years).
I found github.com/mrishab/google-phot tool which is simply a JavaScript which you can post in your browser console and your job is done :)

A lifetime plan from pcloud.com is not bad. No need to buy expensive storage anymore \o/

XT Summit in Gurgaon, hosting worldwide audience. Technology topics a whole day long. Soon at June 8th.


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