I saw policeman stopping someone who was playing loud music at the bus stop (to prevent noise pollution), why don’t they stop people smoking on bus stops?

Looks like innovation week to me.
Sikhs can officially ride motorcycles while wearing their turbans!

I don’t want any unread message in my inbox!
Is it a syndrome?

When I say I hate smokers it doesn’t mean I hate them as person but their habit of smoking 🚭

Sitting beside (waiting for bus) Autobahn is one of the painful experience you could ever imagine.

I like the concept of TheBodyShop to bring your reusable bottle and get it filled

I hate when says “no one at home” without ringing bell even once 😤
Now I need to collect it from nearest pickup point which is not really near :(

They have Pfand (money when you return the bottle) on this 😁

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Hope they’ll start selling it in glass bottles.
PS: However they are still reusable and of course recyclable

Germany finalizes bailout of ailing energy giant Uniper

Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the government will take a 30% stake in energy firm Uniper. The wholesale gas importer faces huge losses due to soaring energy prices and a threat by Russia to cut gas supplies.
p.dw.com/p/4EVJn p.dw.com/p/4EVJn

Such an intuitive example to explain Pass by reference vs. value.

PS: photo taken from LinkedIn post.

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