Programming isn't about what you know; it's about what you can figure out.

Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.

love how capitalism makes you feel guilty for existing

Q. Is the counterpart to a warlock a warkey or a peacelock?

A. "Warkey" is the Old English word for "chocobo". Peacelocks are a subspecies of peacock that have been bred for their tie-dye-like patterns. Taxonomically, warlocks are a kind of raptor

@body chocobo is the norman word, used by the upper-classes, unlike those who had to labor in the fields, cf. pain au chocobo/chocobotine

if CHOAM bans me for hollering at the Emperor I will face God and walk backwards into the desert

Today's weird-ass Danish idiom: "Then *that* goat has been shaved." Used when you have dealt with a problem.

Yes, it is implied that there are other goats to shave, either now or later.

tooting to raise awareness that if your reply to a CW post doesn't need a CW, you can un-check the little box

Things I like about Mastodon:

* No brands in my feed
* No "fave" retweets
* Chronological timeline
* Liberal use of content warnings so I can opt-in (not bombarded with negativity/angst)
* People are nice

New people of Mastodon:

Welcome! I'm happy you are here! Here are some tips for accessibility

You can add a description to an image you post by clicking on the image before you hit TOOT! Type in a brief description. It helps people who use screen readers to know what the image is.

When using a hashtag:

Not good: #hereismyhashtag

Good: #HereIsMyHashtag

Screen readers garble the first one, but can read the second one because of the capitalization.

What the fuck, bus stop people. Why did you make a bench that's all right to sit on, and then when you get up your ass just - =*hurts like Hell*=-?

Some twitter v. Mastodon tips for all of the lovely new tooters:

When you like a tweet on twitter, a swarm of AIs spin into action, analysing every aspect of the tweet and trying so desperately to find the matching tweet to show you next that will keep you scrolling, lest their masters decommission them in favor of a new version.

When you fave a toot on Mastodon, there aren't any AIs; you just made another human being across the world feel nice.

retoot to pet the cat
     />  フ
     |  _  _ l
     /` ミ_xノ
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
    │  | | |
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)

masto meta (+) 

Main effect of GDPR so far is getting fucking bombarded by google e-mails



when they told you that computers are really dumb, because they only do exactly what you tell them to do, that was a lie

a lie of omission.

they do what you tell them to do, while also doing what a million other people over the past 40 years told them to do to

sometimes, those commands interfere with, or contradict each other

If you're sad today, please enjoy looking at these Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits, from the Oregon Zoo's conservation program.

#animals #rabbit #cute #oregonzoo

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