But the characters are all played pretty well and when it gets WEIRD at the end of S2 it's like... yeah I like this.

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working through Continuum again. It's kind of hokey in how it sets up the future-cop/fish-out-of-water at least the first two seasons where it seems like run of the mill procedural.

it may hoodwink people into thinking it's... that... thing where people make 80s stuff with shitty synths when there maybe just one track that's like that ("Trantor", it's a good one).

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artwork done (just banged together something)
mastering pretty much done except for a bit of trimming.
I am suddenly out of motivation.

jbls in place. yesterday.
had to work out the leads today so that's all in place.
they slam now.

OK, speakers are on the way. In the meantime, re-uploading Chindogu with out the parenthesis in the album title. Rude.

Also I don't really want to be wearing the cans during high summer, so there's that as well.

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Finally ordered some studio monitors. Wasn't really game to get some for the flat, but now I don't share walls with the neighbours I can probably get away with them now.

If nothing else it'll be nice to get the 20 minute version of Danceteria out of my hair.

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The NEW compilation won't be that far away either, although I have to work out the cover, update the website, etc.

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Even then, I disliked the idea of squeezing the dynamics out of things for the sake of "loudness" and had a rule of thumb of no higher than -14dB RMS.

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While I had to work out where all the IT mod files got to (wasn't too organised back in 2007), it's been pretty quick to do the renders in OpenMPT and then give them a once over in Ozone to do some EQ and get them to -14 LUFS.

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Reckon I might have the remaster of Chindogu ready to go up on the streaming services this w/e.
Might even update the Bandcamp page for it.

Now the TARDIS is back I hope they spend another episode where they just run around the place like with Leela shivving Sontarans in The Invasion of Time

Anyway still worth the read (I got it cheap at the Book Grocer, it may be in your local one...)

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