(to the tune of dirty deeds done dirt cheap)

dirty bees! (Thunder sheep!)
dirty bees (but they're thunder sheep)

My new favorite picture theme is "cats trying to summon beings from a horrifying realm"

one day im gonna be famous and everyone'll know me and react to my beautiful toots that sing like an angel's voice. until then yall are stuck with my shitty "ass toots", aka "word farts"

recently found out that my cat has asthma, and i have to give him steroids once a day. so naturally i have to anticipate the day where he walks on his hind legs and punches me in the dick.

me: *points at shadow on cave wall* that's real

me: *points at shadow on cave wall* that's real

plato (sobbing): you can't just-

me: *points at shadow on cave wall* that's real

Bahaha have you guys heard of impressionist composer Claude Debussy? Bussy!? Ha ha absolute legend

me: [goes to make a post]

the asshole dm: roll
the dumbfuck playing me in the most boring rpg ever: nat 1

me: haha bones i love those funney lil tubes

who has done more work for the american ppl?

boost for Luigi

ignore for the American government


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